A good time to invest as prices are said to be on rise

Average Europe property prices increased by around 4.3%.

According to Eurostat − the statistical office of the European Union − the recovery in house prices is practically a widespread phenomenon in all EU countries. Slovenia (+ 15.01%), Holland (+ 10.2%) and Ireland (+ 9.1%) have the most significant increase in the third trimester of 2018 on annual basis; compared to the previous trimester the greater growth were registered in Holland (+3.3%), Malta (+3.1%) and Croatia (2.8%).

What about Italy?

In the last seven years many European countries are not only out of the real estate crisis, but they have registered also a great increase of house prices. In Italy the sales have raised, however the prices are still blocked.
The market is different, we find a recovery in many big cities, while the rest of the peninsula still struggles.
Prices have decreased of about 30-35% compared to the beginning of 2008, in a slow decline, while in many European countries, such as Spain or Ireland, a violent collapse in prices was followed by a substantial recovery.

The latest update of ISTAT − the national institute for statistics − data for the third trimester of 2018 registered a decrease in the Italian house price index by 0.8%compared to the previous trimester and to the same period of 2017.

But there are promising signals for a slow recovery in the imminent future: Milan have already registered a trend reversal, being the only one with a positive price variation. Other main cities will follow this trend in 2019.

Very convenient for those who want to buy a home in Italy, isn’t it? As a matter of fact many people are taking advantage of this very favorable moment. The demand for houses increases, both by those looking for a house to move in and by those searching for an investment, whether Italian or international buyers.

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