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Why southern Italy’s Tropea property is by far the best investment in the whole of Italy at present.

Property in Tropea is on the rise and the historic centre is under transformation making the purchase of any property a sound in investment with its award winning beaches and antic palazzo tropea is the pearl of the mediterranean.

Why a second home in southern Italy is a soundly profitable and enjoyable investment

If we consider that in Calabria, Apulia (Puglia) and southern Italy in general, that is to say, south of Rome, the prices per square meter for an apartment with a sea view or even few meters from the beach can cost less than € 2000 per square meter, one can quickly understand that it is a profitable investment in an awesome place. Indeed, the beaches are beautiful, the sea is beautiful, the food very tasty and inexpensive, the people friendly and welcoming, the airports quite handy,  with cheap highways. Ask your friends who have been on holiday in southern Italy, they will tell you.

Price of rental properties

As for rental properties, the highest average price was detected in the region of Sardinia with a price per square meter of € 12.15 per month. The lowest average price of rental housing was in the Calabria region, with only € 8.58 per month per square meter, the lowest value at the national level.

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