Calabria region’s most picturesque village.


Deep in Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, Tropea doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. The town is perched above the Tyrrhenian Sea on the Coast of the Gods and is stunningly beautiful with fantastic beaches, a charming historical center, and restaurants serving fresh seafood. Tropea is literally mythical: One legend says it was founded by Hercules, who is honored in the name of the main square, Piazza Ercole.


This happening summer beach town does get crowded in July and August—mostly with Italian and other European tourists—so if you enjoy personal space, May, June, September, and October are probably better choices. Visit and spend some quality time in one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

The Beaches

Tropea‘s two and a half miles of pristine white beaches are among the cleanest and best in Italy. Dramatic rock formations, cliffs, coves, and grottoes dot the coastline, holding ground against the sparkling, turquoise, Caribbean-like water. Tropea has both public (free) and private (fee) beaches. Bring or rent an umbrella, soak in the rays, take a dip in the Tyrrhenian, and watch tiny fish swim through your legs, or rent canoes, paddle boats, or rubber dinghies. Tropea Sub Diving Centre is open all year-round and offers snorckeling and scuba diving.

                                                                                                   INSIDER TIP

If you prefer a quiet spot, one of the least crowded beaches is Michelino, tucked between the marina port and the Rock of San Leonardo.

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